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- Miranda

Some of the best education in the industry! Chris and Judy are so willing to answer any questions as well. I highly recommend their shear line too!

- Javier

Best teachers with the most knowledge and expertise in the business and with the most engaging teaching methods. Their word is gold.

- Casey

These women are phenomenal! I had the privilege to meet them and take 4 of their classes at the grooming expo in Hershey Pennsylvania. I highly recommend taking a course with them. I’ve groomed for 15 years and still learned so much from them I didn’t know.

Cat Grooming From Start To Finish

Covering Equipment, Handling Techniques, Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, Brushing, Combing, De-shedding, & De- Matting, Bathing, Drying,Clipper Techniques, Including Sanitary trim and Lion Cut.

Mastering The Mixed Breed

Take the Entire 5 Dog, 4 Plus Hour Long Course. Learn How To Groom Multiple Mixed Breeds In a Variety of Styles and Coat Types. Including Doodles and Other Designer Breeds. 

First Aid

Learn Basic First Aid Using the PetSaver ™ Program

Pet Owners Guide to Dog Grooming

An in-depth education on the tools and techniques needed to properly care for and groom you dog. Along with tips on how to talk to your groomer and set your dog up for a success experience.

Traditional German Trim

Poodle Traditional German trim

Learn great techniques to dress up this easy, often overlooked trim. This adorable trim is great for Poodles with chronic ear problems. You can do either clean feet or the traditional round full foot.

On-demand Video Grooming Training

Improve your pet styling skills and improve your bottom line. Learn at your pace with Grooming Professors video on demand.

Knowledge is Power!

Our mission is to increase your bottom line and share techniques that will not only improve your finish but help speed up the process. From Shave downs to Show Dogs! Also focusing on your health, well being, handling skills, tool usage, customer care and ergonomics.

Let Judy Hudson, NCMG & Chris Pawlosky, NCMG, CFMG teach you have to run and grow a profitable Grooming Business.

3 Day Rentals

Have a breed to groom and don't know how? Get an affordable 3 Day Rental and learn from the best.

Learn from the Best

Learn from Competition Proven, Master Groomers and improve your pet grooming business.

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