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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we watch the Grooming Professors Video’s?

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What groom product do you use when you are grooming to spray on the dry hair as you are grooming?

Crown Royale Magic Touch Grooming Spray #3 Concentrate

Can I have the grooming professors to my salon?

Yes, we can present grooming seminars and hands on workshops together or individually depending on the size of your registration. Attendees can watch an all-day grooming demonstration, on different breeds of your choosing. Our hands-on sessions are very interactive. We will instruct and style one side of the dog prepared and supplied by each participant between 8 am and noon. From 1 pm until 5 PM participants will groom the opposite side of the dog they supplied while the professors give individual hands-on attention to each participant.

What is the best blade length to use on a Poodle face, feet, tail clipper work?

1) It depends on the dogs’ skin condition and the conditioning of the skin. If you have a poodle with healthy dark skin that gets clipped every couple of weeks, you can use a #30 or #40 blade with a light touch. If the poodle has any skin issues or the dog does not get clipped often it is safer to use a #10 or #15 blade. But when using any of these blades make sure the cutter part of the blade is straight and lower than the teeth of the comb part of the blade to avoid pinching.

2) You can also use a clipper with a 5 in 1 blade. I normally use it on the next to shortest length never the shortest to avoid nicking.

Why are my comb attachments hanging or snagging in my dogs coat?

There is probably dead under coat that needs to be removed. Make sure the coat is completely brushed out. Next you can either use a metal comb or a course undercoat rake to remove additional dead coat. Adding a touch of finishing or detangling spray as you remove undercoat can also help get the comb attachment through smoother.

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