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Grooming Instruction by 2 of the top Pet Stylist in the Industry, Christina Pawlosky, NCMG, CFMG & Judy Hudson, NCMG.

Business, Sanitation, Health & Safety

We will cover proven business strategies to operate a successful grooming salon. We teach you the importance of safety and sanitation in the grooming salon, which can prevent health issues in both humans and animals.


Mixed Breeds (Including Doodles)

These unique dogs come in different sizes, coat types and temperaments. We will teach you many different mixed breed styles that complement their individual traits to create a very balanced appearance.


Sporting Group

Many Sporting breeds have thick, water-repellent coats resistant to harsh hunting conditions. Many of the sporting breeds need a lot of grooming to maintain the proper coat and style. We will show you how to maintain and style many of the most popular sporting breeds.


The Hound Group

Although many in this group don’t require a lot of styling, they still benefit from a professional grooming. We will select some of the most popular and show you how to care for them.


The Terrier Group

This group of dogs has several different coat types and very distinctive trims. We will show you how to simplify this group’s trims, but still capture the essence of many of the breeds in this group. Includes both short and long legged Terriers.



Learning to groom cats is a great way to add to your income, but it requires a completely different approach to keep you and the cats safe. We explore the many different handling techniques, approaches and styles need to groom a cat.


Before the Groom

These classes will help improve your speed, consistency and the quality of your work. In turn boosting your bottom line, setting you apart from other groomers while benefiting your canine customers.


The Toy Group

Toys dogs are very popular and makes up more than 50% of a groomer’s clientele. We will show you many ways to style them, including breed standard and some very popular pet style maintenance trims.


Non-Sporting Group

Mostly kept as companions, because they were created to interact with people in some capacity. The Bichon and Poodle are the most popular breeds to groom in this group. We will expand on some of the most popular groomable breeds in this group and the styles.


The Working Group

Working breeds are very popular and pose special challenges. We know what to expect from the breeds in this group and will show you how to groom them.


The Herding Group

These breeds move livestock, working closely with their humans. This makes them highly trainable but very sensitive to noise and new experiences in a grooming salon. We show you the best way to handle and style these breeds.


3 Day Rentals

Have a breed to groom and don't know how? Get an affordable 3 Day Rental and learn from the best.

Learn from the Best

Learn from Competition Proven, Master Groomers and improve your pet grooming business.

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