Our definition of passion is to follow what we love and love what we do to the best of our ability. Even though the Grooming Professors is a lot of work it is work we love. It is always easy to share our many years combined experience in the professional pet grooming world. Were we are challenged is when it comes to getting the education out there? Great news is we have hooked up with the folks behind Groomsoft.com grooming salon software and our good friend Alan Fisher of North Coast Productions to get it done.

We are living our passion by helping you live yours! We hope to help you prevent the many pitfalls associated with being a professional pet groomer through education both online and in person. We will share all our stories, good and bad. It’s about embracing what life gives and following our heart and our head.

Nothing is perfect but we try to simplify pet grooming for you. We will dig deep, finding topics that really help you perform everyday grooming with newfound energy. We will help you overcome your doubts and fears.

Our mission is to increase your bottom line, to share techniques that will not only improve your finish but help speed up the process. From shave downs to show dogs! We will also focus on your health, well-being, ergonomics, pet handling skills, sanitation, safety and first aid, tools and usage, customer care, all to help you succeed.

We are on a never-ending journey, forever growing and exploring how we can better share pet grooming education with you. The more you fall in love with what you do, the more fulfilled you will be.

You will learn things with the Grooming Professors you will not learn anywhere else.